Buy Your Appliance From This Guy

We moved to Barrington Rhode Island on June 23rd. We love it here. We love our house. We love the community. We love our yard. We love our new friends. We love the beach. We love the schools. We feel very blessed and happy.

So much good . . . and then, after we did one load of laundry, the dryer broke. I focus on what I want - not what I don't want - so you haven't heard me talk about it. 

We asked my new BFF where to buy a new one and she sent us to John at Barrington appliance.

Done. Bought the floor model and saved some cabbage.

Last week our fridge bit the dust. It was leaking everywhere and also it was very small compared to our last fridge, and with five kids you go through food very quickly.

Off we went to Barrington Appliance . . . a mile from our house. Talked to John again and explained to him what was going on. He told us how much a new fridge costs, and then . . . talked us out of buying it. 


He knew the floor model of our fridge from selling it to the owners before the owners we bought the house from and confidently told us that all we needed to do was defrost it and replace the produce drawer - for $20.


We went home, did what he said, and he was right. He had also told us that our fridge is actually bigger than our fridge in Newton was . . .  it's just an optical illusion. So I re-organized our fridge and indeed, he was correct.

John talked us out of a $1200 sale. He knew, he remembered (!!) the model number of the refrigerator he sold to a family over a decade ago.

Buy your appliance from this guy. He is the real deal, another example of the law of attraction - what you put out comes back to you, including (and especially!) in the field of sales.



Just Buy The Book

My husband Philippe and our son Phoenix (age 9) went to a lecture by Harvard Law Professor Cass R. Sunstein last Tuesday night at Harvard.  It was about his book, "The World Acccording to Star Wars."  Phoenix is a BIG Star Wars fan, as was yours truly at age 9 - the year it came out I took my 9th birthday party to the movie.  

At the end of the lecture, the author said, "Okay, let's sign some books," and the fifty or so people in that Harvard hall filed out -- without buying the book.  


I wrote a book and an inspiration card deck and went on a 160 venue book tour a few years ago, so I get this.  Man, do I get it.  I would do my thang at a venue and people would (seemingly) love it.  I would give my heart and soul and then . . . (some) would ask many questions about the law of attraction, how I've done all I've done, how they can do it, too, and again, I would give my heart and soul, and stay (waaaaay) too long doing so (I loved every minute and didn't think twice).  Then, they'd walk out - without buying the book -- for $19.99 or the inspiration card deck for $11.99.  Several hours of my time (for which I would get lotsa money for for coaching) and they wouldn't buy the book (or deck).  This was of course not the case for everyone -- I did sell some books and decks on tour he he -- but there were a few times when no one did.  


Just buy the book.

This blog isn't about books or book tours really -- it's about integrity -- doing the right thing (even when no one is watching). It's about the balance of energy -- energy in, energy out.  It's about karma.

"Just buy the book" is a metaphor.  Where are you not "buying the book" in your life?  Where are you taking taking taking - and not giving back?  Today - and this moment - is a new beginning, so start again with bells on!  Give back, and feel how good it feels.  Feel the balance and the joy of giving (and receiving, in balance).

P.S.  Philippe bought the book for Phoenix -- and Mr. Sunstein signed it, "May the force be with you."  Love that, and am confident that the force is with Phoenix -- and will be with you as well, if you do the right thing moment after moment.   


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Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

I love Elton John.  Can you say legend?  I've seen him a few times live and he's the bomb.  I grew up listening to him in the 70's -- Funeral for Friend, etc. -- and my tennis coach used to call himself "Benny" and his students "the Jets."  Brilliant coach.  He also used Star Wars terminology to get us inspired -- he was all about Luke and the Force and beating the dark side.  Man, that sh** worked.  

But I digress.

I was listening to "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" while practicing on Tuesday morning and these words hit me in a new and poignant way -- after all these years:  "I can't light no more of your darkness. . . . frozen here, on the ladder of my life . . . too late, to keep myself from falling . . . I took a chance, and changed my way of life."

Those may not be the EXACT lyrics and I ain't gonna google it on purpose, because the psychologist in me wants to write what I personally heard.  So Rorschach.

I did (recently) take a chance -- moving to Barrington, Rhode Island, and leaving behind decades in Newton, Massachusetts.  Although I loved my life, my husband, my friends, my yoga studios and of course, my chickens, I did did feel frozen on the ladder of my life for various reasons, too personal for even me to post. I did feel that I was tired -- tired of lighting the darkness (also too personal to go into details here).  It was too late to keep myself from falling, I'd fallen in a few ways -- but this was actually good.  Good because it kicked my a** and opened me up to the possibilities . . . when I talked to my friend Pammy about her global health and wellness business and when I then called my friend Lee from Brown about the business, just a few days before Christmas 2015.  Lee told me about Barrington.  And my spirit just knew.

We live in a Universe so magical that we can listen to the same song over and over again for 40 years (!!), and then one morning, hear our story in it, feel the spiritual epiphany and smile, knowing we are on the right track.  Knowing this moment is as it should be.

Yeah, I believe in magic.  If you are open to seeing it -- and taking a chance.

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I Woulda Brought You Wine, But You Don't Drink Wine

My brother was visiting us last weekend during the Brown Alumni weekend and we had a blast.  Love him!  As he and his wife were leaving (love her!), John said, "Sorry we didn't bring you anything . . . I woulda brought you wine, but you don't drink wine.


I most certainly do drink wine,  I love it.  

When John and Clare were over for dinner a few weeks ago they got caught up at Brown unpacking my nephew Oliver and were a few hours late, and so when they arrived, I had already had a glass of wine and lotsa apps so I didn't want anymore wine.  John deduced from this that I don't drink wine.  (Laughing).

Don't waste yo' time and energy trying to convince people about anything, most certainly, who you are.  Either they get you or they don't and it's a big fat waste of time and energy that you could be putting toward creating your destiny.  This example is a good one because my own brother obviously knows me quite well; however, from one experience he deduced something that isn't true.  

Or, maybe he just didn't wanna buy me a bottle of wine (which could also be true, knowing him - he he - even though two buck Chuck is just fine with me).



A Love Story, Part Deux

Please read my blog from yesterday, "A Love Story," before you read this.

A few of you wanted to know . . . what happened next?!  So here's what went down after our oh so romantic hero danced with his true love from across the room -- 200 people between them.

The very next day he was driving and noticed the woman he'd "danced with" the night before walking into a tea joint.  Yes, he looked left and spotted her.  Sigh.  He noted to himself, "Ahhhh, okay, she goes for tea at 4pm after work."  I stopped him here - mid story - and asked why he didn't hang a U and go in and talk to her -- STAT.  That's what I woulda done!  (But I'm a bulldozer).  He smiled, ignored my (rude but well meaning) interruption and continued his love story.

The very next day, he showed up to that tea place at 4pm sharp, and there she was!  He waved to her from the back of the line.  The rest is history.

I paused, and wondered aloud if this was stalking - or sweet.  There seemed to be a fine line.  But looking at this couple, so clearly madly in love - and their four beautiful children - I confidently went with sweet.

True love and love at first site exists.  This amazing couple (and Philippe and I!) are living proof.  

If you believe.  



A Love Story

I was talking to friends at a pool party at my new BFF's last night and I asked them how they met.  I love asking this question and hearing the fun story.  Makes my heart sing.  So he was telling me how they were both at a bar in Venice Beach, Cali dancing on a big dance floor and he noticed that he and she were the only ones smiling, the only ones having fun.  I asked what he meant and he said that everyone else was wearing dark glasses and clothes and "posing," and they, on the other hand, were both smiling and actually having a great time.  I asked him if he walked across the floor to dance with her (so John Hughes, loved those movies in the 80's) and he said no . . .  so I asked why not.  He said, and I quote, "We were dancing togetha Tayla (he's got a kick *** British accent), there were just 200 people between us."  


I told him I would remember every word of this story because it's a beautiful love story - and I did.

What's in and on your mind today?  What are you remembering? Thinking about?  Talking about?  What's the vibration of the story you just told?  Just take note and be aware, because what you think about comes about.  What you talk about appears in your life.  What you focus on becomes what you live.  You are creating your reality one thought, one emotion, one word at a time.  

And isn't that cool?  Think about the power you have, in any moment, to shift and create anything you want!  Perhaps a whole new life!  I did.  Many times.  

Anything is possible, if you believe.



What If Today Were Your Last Day on Earth?

I knew I'd get you with that title, he he.  But really, what if it were?  Would you say that?  Think that?  Do that?  Be that?  

I'm all about the positive and focusing on what you want; however, I do believe in a good dose of awareness on a daily basis - actually, several times a day on a daily basis.  My five chickens give me this.  Find someone/something that reminds you who you are and why you are here and stay with that person or thing because they are PURE GOLD.  Even if they push yo' buttons.  ESPECIALLY if they push your buttons.

I don't believe in regret, remorse or mistakes, just learning.  Learn learn learn and then learn some more.  Have so much fun finding a better way.  Try, fall, get up, try again.  Stop chasing perfect.  But always with the awareness of who you are (your Spirit, not your ego) and why you are here on Earth.  Our zen teachers remind us of this all the time.  They are sometimes confused with annoying people at the supermarket or in traffic.  They are also confused with frustrating people who don't get us.  They are also confused with family members who really piss us off.  These are our "soul mates" too.  They are here to teach us.  And we are here to learn.  And begin again.  Again and again.

So today, ask yourself, if today were my last day on earth, would I be doing/saying/thinking/being this? 



Oops! Helen Had a Wedding on Saturday . . . .

I met two great friends while looking at real estate in Barrington, Rhode Island.  I looked at their brother/uncle's home - and that was it.  These two are real sparklers.

They helped me walk the path to my destined home.  A place so magical that now I finally feel like I'm "home."  Took 51 years, but all good.

We've been trying to schedule a time to have wine and apps and a house tour with these two friends since we moved in, and had it lined up for last Saturday September 17th - perfect because we could continue celebrating my birthday which was on Friday September 16th.  Then on Thursday Helen was like, "Oops, I thought we were doing Friday the 16th . . . I have a wedding on Saturday."  I didn't skip a beat -- simply switched what we had planned on Sunday to Saturday and they came over on Sunday instead.  A few decades of yoga has taught me well to go with the flow, not resist and trust it - and that the timing and unfolding is for the highest good of all.

And it was!  Yet again.  Turned out, another new BFF in Barrington, Rhode Island invited us last minute to her husband's kick a** 50th birthday party on Saturday the 17th.  It would not have been possible had the original plans not changed.  We had a blast, met amazing people, ate great food, listened to great tunes -- magical all around.

See how the Universe works?  Surrender to the flow today and let it all unfold as it should.  



No Child Should Be Left Alone

You may have heard me mention once or twice lately (he he) that I love Barrington, Rhode Island. We moved here on June 23rd and every single day are surprised - and delighted - by something else we love about this place.  It just keeps getting better.  The middle school is no different.  The community has an amazing Facebook page on which people post thought-provoking tidbits, and there is massive - and I mean massive - engagement.  I'm impressed.  By how engaged - and thoughtful - these parents are.  

The first dance (called "Sports Night") was Friday September 9th, and before the dance a parent posted this:

Tonight is the first sports night for many. I went to sports night growing up here. I remember the groups and cliques well. Please keep in mind that there are children at this age that my feel left out. Maybe they weren't included in a group etc. I think it is important to remind all of our children that if you see a child standing alone and seeming to feel left out to check on them. Ask them to join your group etc. No child should be left alone."

I got the chills and was teary reading this.  "No child should be left alone."   Such wisdom and basic human love and decency.  Things that are often sadly absent these days as we witness instead an attitude that implies, "I'm in this for me and only me and will take care of myself and ignore you and your needs.  The end."

One Super-mom left this comment to the sports night post above, " I have asked my daughter to look for AT LEAST 1 child that may appear left out. To reach out and ask them to join her. Her job is to come home and tell me what new friend she made... IMAGINE if everyone did this?!?!"

She later updated the group that, " I just got a call from the bathroom at BMS! My girl found someone that got ditched by her friends andthey are 'hanging out together' proud parent moment . . . ."

Another Supermom chimed in, "I just had this conversation with my kids. Reminded them that for many kids this is their first sports night and that there are bound to be some kids whose friends didn't show up." <"

Then these two Supermoms were conversing on comments and said, "It seems like just yesterday we were talking about this very day arriving before we know it and here we are. I'm so glad you posted this today in anticipation of our children gathering tonight. It's ironic, because I was just discussing the anti bullying post I wrote last year with someone who asked me to re-post it. I think I'll do so, as we're commencing on a brand new year with so much hope and anticipation for all it will bring. Each of our sweethearts deserves to feel happiness and comfort right where they are and for who they are! Thankfully we have amazing parents like you to help guide the way. The more parents who bring the importance of acceptance and kindness to light in their own homes the better we will all be. Cheers to a wonderful year ahead! And I do love my village." :

And yet another Barrington Middle School Supermom's comment:  "I gave my boys the job of finding some 'friends' who may be wandering or 'drifting' looking for a way in. :) "

I commented to these involved and caring parents that I was blown away by their posts and that I would write a blog about them because, well, this is the Law of Attraction at work.  When you put out positivity and care and love, it is returned to you - in spades!  In spades.  

How many of us could've used that support when we were in middle school?  I thought so.



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Full Circle

In 1980 I would drive from Calabasas High School to Encino to get coconut frozen yogurt at lunch -- and get back just in time for Chemistry with Mr. Rosen.  God, I hated Chemistry.  Man, I loved that frogurt.

Now, 36 years later (!!) the frozen yogurt craze has hit the East Coast (or "Back East" as we called it in the Valley), and yours truly got to celebrate my 51st birthday yesterday with my 5 chickens with, yes, you guessed it, coconut frozen yogurt.  It wasn't until the woman helping us recommended I taste the coconut that I got the sychronicity and laughed out loud.  I was tasting peanut butter, cake batter and oreo and she was like, "The coconut is reallllly good."  "Oh M Gee," I thought, "I ate and LOVED LOVED LOVED this **** 36 years ago in the Valley and here I am, eating it again in my new town - Barrington, Rhode Island."  And not only am I eating it, but eating it in a frogurt place that is painted happy pink and green with polka dots everywhere.  Pink and green (and purple) are my favorite colors and if I had a nickel for everything I have with polka dots, I'd be able to buy you all a frogurt every day for a year.

The Universe has knocked itself out in this town for me, delivering everything I have been putting into my vibrational escrow for decades.  The street lights.  The town hall.  The wide beautiful streets.  The stone walls.  The people - oh my, the people.  Nicest.  Ever.  A BFF one could only dream of (soul sister from the first moment).  A group of kick *** smart, happy, funny, authentic, inspiring Sisters with whom I can laugh, connect, kvetch and celebrate.  The schools.  The bike path (like ACK but I like it even better).  The restaurants.  The coffee shops. The little small town market with delicious free coffee and great local eats (in the town next door).  The yard sales. The school bus.  The bus drivers with whome I am now friends on FB.  The kind neighbors.  The neighborhood kiddos.  The beach concert.  The beach.  The community.  The Y.  The runners, walkers and bikers who happily pass by our new white castle all day and night. The short drive to my alma mater which makes me so happy to this day, and the myriad of fun places in Providence perfect for a date with my handsome husband.  I can't stop myself, but I will . . . . 

My point?  Keep wishing.  Keep hoping,  Keep dreaming.  The Universe is taking note and creating it for you NOW - and putting it in your vibrational escrow.  Until that moment when it will all unfold, magically.  At the perfect time.  Everything in its perfect time.  People will call you an "overnight success," but you will know - you will smile to yourself as you acknowledge, "I've been dreaming this, creating this, my whole life.  And now here it is.  This is just what I asked for . . . complete with coconut frozen yogurt."

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It's My (Birthday) Party, and I'll Cry If I Want To

Today is my birthday and I'm not crying, I'm celebrating.  Celebrating being alive today this September 16th on this amazing planet.  Celebrating my five chickens.  Celebrating my handsome husband.  Celebrating my new BFF Jax in my new dreamy town - Barrington, Rhode Island.  Celebrating my new smart, fun, happy, inspiring, kick - a** girlfriends in Barrington whom my new BFF introduced me to at a (drumroll please), welcome to town brunch at her beautiful home -- Dena, Kathleen, Lisa, Margaret - and Midge, who helped me find our new white castle. Celebrating my strong, healthy, happy, energetic body, mind and Spirit.  Celebrating my focus on the positive - and on what I admire in others.  Celebrating my Brown University BFF's.  Celebrating yoga, which I found many years ago and still practice every. Single. Morning.  Celebrating my BFF's from Calabasas High School.  Celebrating our Prana Power Yoga studios, community and family.  Celebrating my friend Lee from college who brought me to Barrington, Rhode Island when I called him about my new global health and wellness business - and his wife, Beth, who didn't skip a beat when we popped into their home while looking at homes in Barrington.  Celebrating Pammy, who had the courage to call me back about a global health and wellness business she knew I'd love.  Celebrating my favorite job in this lifetime so far (see previous sentence).  Celebrating our new amazing community and school system and bus service (!!) in Barrington.  Celebrating our amazing community with JP.  Celebrating our new puppy.  Celebrating my siblings, who I love so much and with whom I am closer than ever (they don't read anything I write so they won't ever see this). Celebrating our new white castle, which has a huge yard and sport court, in and on which our chickens can run, run, run.  Celebrating the beach, which is across the street from our new white castle (!!). Celebrating that no matter what, I get my chickens to that beach daily, even if it's for 10 minutes to dip our toes in the water (good for "earthing" and restarting purposes - and magical to boot).  Celebrating that we can bike every day with our 5 chickens.  Celebrating that we do bike every day with our chickens.  Celebrating that a school bus picks up my kiddos every morning and delivers them home safely every afternoon.  Celebrating Terry the bus driver.  Celebrating my BFF's from growing up in Lake Bluff, Illinois.  Celebrating yard sales, which I hit with my chickens every Saturday. Celebrating that it's not my job to fix or change others -- and that I get this, FINALLY:  I DO NOT NEED TO FIX OR CHANGE OTHERS!  Whew!  What a relief.  Celebrating this moment.  I could go on forever, because there is so much to celebrate . . .  find it in your life.  And as you continue to celebrate, the Universe will send you more to celebrate.  Start where you are.  Baby steps.  This moment is all that matters, so it's never to late to begin again.  Never.  



Yes, Technology Has Its Drawbacks, But Here's a Real Benefit . . . .

We all know the drawbacks of technology and social media so I ain't gonna go into 'em here because I walk my talk and know first-hand through many years of experience that when you shout "NO!" at something, you include it and its energy in your vibration.  I'm talkin' Law of Attraction.  It's real and working every moment to create your world so be mindful of your thoughts and words because they are POWERFUL.

Here's a real benefit to technology. My husband and I are serial entrepreneurs and have several businesses together.  We also parent our five kiddos together.  We spend all our time together and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Besides my five children, there's no one else with whom I would rather spend time.  #blessedandgrateful

That said, sometimes in business you need to deal with **** that's not so high vibration.  We have been cognizant of the Law of Attraction for many years now and are therefore mindful of what we put out to the Universe energetically; nevertheless, we are human and so we do attract some **** from time to time.  We immediately notice what we've attraced and trace it back to what we put out there.  It's so empowering to take responsibilty for your life.  Love it!

Back to technology and one of its many benefits, in the past, before texting and emailing, we would need to explain the **** that went down to one another verbally . . . now, I can just say, "Here, read this text," and it's explained, without the energy going into it.  Then we can calmly discuss it, make a decision, take action, and move on without dwelling.  That's the key to the Law people, of course you need to talk about what happened to move on, but then, for the love of God, MOVE ON!  Don't dwell.  Or dwell, and watch more of that **** come your way.

Just sayin.  



Ahhhh The Innocent Beauty and Grace of A Child's Confidence and Strong Sense of Self

"Mommy, Montana says the sun and moon follow him, but it turns out, it follows me." - Dakota Wells, age 6

When you were born, you knew. You knew a lot. You knew it all! Meaning you knew you were the center of the Universe - perfect, beautiful and sparkling in every way - in your own unique way. You asked for what you wanted without hesitation. You knew what you needed. You did not go outside of yourself and ask other people, because you knew. And if you did not get what you wanted you screamed until you did. Hey, not a great tactic as an adult, but you utilized your resources at the time – and it worked.


My son Dakota, age 6, said the above adorable quote to me last Wednesday during our nightly after dinner bike ride to the beach in Barrington, Rhode Island. (Montana is his six-year-old twin by the way.)

I just had to stop our tandem tagalong bike to write that quote down because it is so wise. It was not said with arrogance, it was said with wisdom - and pure innocence. According to Dakota, he is the center of the Universe - he is the bomb. He does not apologize for this or feel insecure about it. His actions do not reflect arrogance or mean-ness, just confidence, security and a positive energy that inspires all in his presence.

I teach people all day every day to be their authentic self. To be what they were born as – in that perfection– and to stop trying to convince - and please -others.  Hey, either they get ya or they don't, people.  No amount of convincing will work, ever.  In fact, it will push them quite the opposite way.  It's also wicked paddling upstream, which don't feel good.  

But Dakota has exemplified this teaching perfectly - in one sentence. Touché.




When You Dredge Up That ****, This is What Happens . . . .

I was going for a run on Wednesday chatting with my handsome husband about some not so happy **** from waaaay long ago . . . . dredging up some stuff from the past (yes, I know better, but it was a moment of weakness after pulling an all-niter driving my first born to Kent School, getting her room all set up, and then driving home).  The details don't matter, but the point is the energy was hellllooooow, super low vibe.  I was saying it with a high vibration, which can be confusing to some, including yours truly, but the positive energy was 100% from the endorphins, not the topic at hand.

So when we got home, I was putting some noodles in a pot with salt to boil for lunch and the pot tipped over the side of the sink and all the noodles fell into the disposal -- which was filled with soggy cheerios from breakfast.  In a sleep deprived stupor, I reached down to attempt to get the noodles out of the disposal and found myself fishing through gross soggy cheerios to retrieve pasta.  Laughing at myself as I type this.  Wish I had that on camera.

I immediately saw the spiritual significance.  Go reaching back into the **** from the past, sorting through bad energy drama (read:  soggy gross cheerios), ain't gonna feel good.  No matter how bad you wanna retrieve those noodles (it was the last of the package and I was craving pasta).

Lesson learned.  I hugged my handsome husband, laughed at myself, left the noodles - and the cheerios - in the disposal, and made something else for lunch.  Moved on.

Ahhhh, I love the Universe.  Never subtle.  Always teaching.  Always kind.  If you're open to see it all unfold, magically, and laugh at yourself along the way.  


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Integrity, With a Capital I

Our white castle in Newton, Massachusetts is for sale.  We are serial entrepreneurs and so of course, thought we could sell it ourselves (laughing out loud as I type).  Hey, being trail blazers has it's benefits, and uh, it's drawbacks as well -- as everything does.  I like to say that everything has cracks . . . it's where the light gets in.

But I digress.  

We recently decided to hire a realtor, and not just any realtor, but a kick a** realtor.  After doing research, talking to people and meditating on it, we met with two people.  The heavy hitters so to speak.  Both of them are lovely.  God speed and kudos to both.  

But Philippe and I had a clear preference.  And today, we were going to tell him how we felt, until . . . drum roll please, he said, no, thank you, to the job.  (!!)  Yes, you read that correctly . . . a realtor said no to a (high end, big commission) listing and, by the way, with the utmost sincere integrity and grace, ever.  I said to him, "Matt, I know a lot of people and talk to a lot of people and I love (almost) all people.  I'm a people person!  And I have had and continue to have a lot of adventures in my life.  And I rarely - if ever - have I had my mouth drop open with surprise - and it just did.  I'm so inspired and so admire what you just said to us, and how you said it, I'm going to write a blog about it, and name your name."

Matt (Montgomery), high integrity kick a** realtor extraordinaire, said that his plate is so full for the fall so he cannot take on our house and do the job that he is proud to always do.  He said he would love to, but he can't with integrity.  

Is this for real?  Yes!  And so is he.  

People with integrity still exist and in fact, are all around you.  One of the cards from my inspiration card deck reads, "My thoughts determine which people come into my life, and how they behave once they get there."  I've clearly been doin' my cards and walking my talk for quite a while now, to attract a dude like Matt into my energy field.  Here's to the law of attraction, integrity and grace.  

And btw, if you wanna buy our house, it's still for sale (65 Bellevue Street, Newton, Massachusetts, 02458).

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After 19 years . . . I caved and bought (3) nerf guns at a yard sale on Saturday

My first born turns 19 tomorrow.  Sigh.  Blink of an eye.  

When I had her, I stopped watching TV.  I knew she'd follow what I did and am a strong believer in walking your talk.  That lasted for about 14 years . . . I honestly never missed it.  TV snuck back in when someone told us about Modern Family and we watched it once or twice on Hulu.  Then it became an addiction, as did The Goldbergs.  We still don't watch a lot (and I'm not anti TV, or anti - anything . . . remember, when you shout "NO!" at something, you include it in your vibration), but I do love a good snuggle on the couch with my five chickens while watching an episode of either of these well written shows.  I like to watch only one episode though, even though it does pull you in to watch more.  One episode feels fun, two, for me, makes me feel a little disconnected.

My first two children were never interested in guns - it never came up.  Then I had Phoenix, age 9 now, and he asked for a nerf gun from time to time, and the answer was always no. He never pushed it.  

Dakota and Montana, now six, asked once in a while too.  "Nope," I would say.  "I don't believe in guns or violence."  I didn't waiver. 

Then on Friday night my brother was visiting our new home in Barrington, Rhode Island for the first time and nerf guns came up somehow and my boys told him that I wouldn't let them have them - or any type of guns.  My brother was cute and said, "Well, they aren't that great anyhow."

Saturday I was at a yard sale and there they were, three nerf guns, for a buck each, annnnnd . . .   I bought 'em.  When I got home, and presented them to my sons, well, there's really no way to describe their elation.  Phoenix was shaking as he described how he'd been on the internet all morning researching nerf guns (synchronicity) . . . and he was looking at the exact model I'd bought him (for a buck).  He said, "Mommy!  It costs $86!"  (Score!  I love yard sales).

In the hours that followed, I watched those boys get more joy outta those two one dolla nerf guns than I could ever dream possible.  Hours and hours and hours, they ran through the yard and played, and it continued till night fall.  As I watched them, I wondered why I had paddled upstream for so long around this topic.  Why I'd been so adamant that they could not have this toy.  I am all about peace and love, but when I forbade the oh so elusive nerf gun, they used sticks to pretend the **** anyhow.  

The intention of this blog is not to start a big political debate (although if it does, that's ok too), I am simply suggesting that it's important that I (read:  we all) take a look at whether we are paddling upstream in our lives, and if so, why.  Maybe we make a slight adjustment, maybe we bend a little, if they result might just be -- pure joy.



Be Careful What You Ask For . . . .

My 12 year old daughter always wanted to get to middle school early last year when we lived in Newton, Massachusetts.  We have 5 kiddos - and always many balls in the air in our different health and wellness businesses - and, well, it didn't happen all that often.

We now live in Barrington, Rhode Island (hurray!) and have the BNE* (Best Neighbors Ever), who kindly and lovingly drive our girl to school every morning (unless they bike together, wow, I still pinch myself that all of this is really real).  They are OTB* (On The Ball) and are always on time (read: a bit early) and so guess what?  Sagey gets to school early every day now.  Ya Sagey girl!  Way to manifest, girl.  

But . . . she's now the new kid at school so not EXACTLY sure if this is a huge hit (yet), so this morning, we were laughing at breakfast, as I reminded her how powerful her thoughts, words, and intentions are, and what a powerful manifester she is . . . and to "be careful what you ask for."

Has this ever happened to you?  You're like, "I really, really, REALLY want this (fill in the blank) and then, low and behold, the Universe delivers it -- in SPADES -- and you're like, "Oh, uh, I didn't mean it like THAT!"  

I always laugh when this happens.  It's better than the other option . . .  and I always have a choice how to see a situation, which means I (and you!) have the ultimate power.  




The Wasps Nest

My handsome husband has been dealing with some wasps at the New White Castle in Barrington, Rhode Island.   Every day he is out there spraying them and it seems every night he's going off to Home Depot to get another can of spray. Man, he's gone through several cans of that spray.  But they keep coming back.

Today he got a different product which just closed up the hole into which they were flying.  Poof! They're gone.

This reminded me of a lesson we all seem to learn - again and again. Deal with the cause - not the symptom. Go deeper to see where that behavior is stemming from instead of eradicating the behavior – white knuckling it.  The white knuckling will work, for a time, but it will always come back. Just like the wasps did.

I find it so cool and amusing that the Universe is always putting lessons in front of us, through the seemingly mundane events in our lives, like dealing with a wasps nest.




The Trader Joe's Chicken

I love Trader Joe's. I love it for a myriad of reasons, one of which is that it is not overwhelming to shop there. They also do some things extremely well. We found this one chicken that we loved loved loved. It was a dark meat teriyaki chicken and I would throw it in the wok with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and serve it over Trader Joe's microwave brown rice, would is also quite good. I would serve it with a homemade Caesar salad – man that was good. 

Until it wasn't.

I overdid it. It was so good that I went overboard and served it too often - now none of us can even look at that ****. 

I love a good thing and I love systems and I love order (Virgo). So sometimes I find a good thing, make a system and then swing to the extreme and overdo it. Do you ever do that? I sure do.

Thanks to my daily early morning yoga practice and my biggest teachers in this lifetime (my 5 kids), I am steeped in self-awareness at this point, and so I do recognize when I have done something in.  When I have gone too far. I then tend to swing the other way for a bit and then eventually find balance. Moderation, as the Buddha suggested.

I have also noticed this with systems with work. As we all know, to be efficient, productive and successful we need to implement systems. But what I have noticed is that while we need systems, we need to switch them up almost daily, to maintain the freshness and newness of the energy. So we have a baseline, a foundation of a system but we change it up.  

The best example of this that comes to mind is Madonna. Sister is always reinventing herself and so she remains fresh and new. She is a master at this.

Where in your life do you need to switch up your systems? Where do you need some fresh energy? Where can you redirect your energy so that you will be more efficient and productive – and happy?

Because that's what it's all about isn't it? Who cares if you are productive and efficient… If there is no joy? The energy dies out when it is not fresh and alive, and so does the joy. Restart, reboot and ramp up that energy to tap into the joy that is your birthright.



Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

I've said it before, I'll say it again and I'm saying it here now:  my 5 kids are my biggest teachers (and our new puppy, Aspen).  

I adore my kiddos and they are super sweet, kind, smart and wonderful.  I'm super proud of them and love them so much and honestly, there's no one else with whom I would rather spend time.  Philippe feels the same way.  We love love love being their parents.

That said, sometimes they bicker, and I'm like, "Kids, why can't we all just get along?  Life is so magical, and your life is so magical, and you can be, do and have anything that you want, so lighten up man and get along!  Now (insert name of child here), please say you're sorry, give a hug and let's all begin again."

They abide, and we begin again and all is well, but this reminds me of a very important lesson - that we are all human.  If these sparkly sweet beings who are all love get pissed off, you gonna too - and it's okay.  It ain't the end of the world and there's always a chance, an opportunity to begin again.  Again and again.  

I love people and I love to talk to people - everywhere - (ask my husband, who patiently waits while I chat it up with people at Trader Joe's or wherever), and I hear again and again the judgment with which you are approaching your lives -- judgment of others, yes, but moreso judgment of yourself.  The question constantly looming, "Am I doing this right?"  Or other flavors of this question, such as, but not limited to:  "Did I say the right thing?"  "Am in in the right job?" "Am I smart enough?" "Do I have the right friends?" "Am I wearing the right clothes?" "Am I funny enough?" "Am I old enough?" "Am I young enough?" "Am I small enough?" "Am I big enough?" "Am I pretty enough?" "Am I wealthy enough?" "Am I successful enough?" Oh, man, the list goes on and on.  And on.

We forget that we are exactly where we need to be.  That this moment is as it should be.  That things are unfolding in perfect order, as they should.  We forget to let go of the illusion of control and let The Universe take care of the details.  And then we **** it all up - by standing in our own way, and in the way of a force that creates worlds.  And in the midst of all this, we get a bit, uh, crabby, shall we say.  And we bicker or fight - or worse.

Come back to your center (however you do that -- I like yoga and flooding my bloodstream with 35 fruits and veggies a day with capsules I love), begin again and remember that you are wonder, greatness and pure magic in a physical body.  That said, you are human, and will therefore have human moments, where you are coming from a lower place than your higher self. And that's okay.  Just reboot, restart, and smile and laugh at yourself (and at me, too - I do all the time) because we all go through it, and we're all in this together.