The female athlete conference, directed by Dr. Kate Ackerman, was born from the idea that there isn't enough collective knowledge in one place addressing female athletes today. The 2015 Female Athlete Conference isthis Friday and SaturdayJune 19th and 20th at Babson College.  Dr. Kate and colleagues are asked to give talks all over the country about female athlete issues, and are usually allotted an hour or less to share "everything they know." She wanted to bring people together to have a collective dialogue about so many of the issues female athletes are struggling with today and really devote quality time to a variety of important subjects: body image, how females communicate on a team, how to decrease their ACL injury rate, how their recovery from concussion can be different, what strength training skills are important, how to decrease anemia risk in endurance athletes, enhancing nutrition skills for girls, etc.

As a former national team rower and current Medical Director of the Female Athlete Program at Boston Children's Hospital, Dr. Kate is passionate about improving the health of girls, empowering them with sport, and enhancing their experience of a lifetime of sport.  As a mother of two girls, she believes in getting the right messages to girls and young women early and arming them, their parents, their coaches, and their medical team with knowledge to help them be successful.

Please come to the 2015 Female Athlete Conference this Friday and SaturdayJune 19th and20th, at Babson College!  Meet Marathon woman Kathrine Switzer, Olympic Gold Medalist Aly Raisman, members of the International Olympic Committee, top notch doctors, coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, and more.  We can’t wait to see you there!  100% of ticket sales will go towards female athlete research.  Sign up today or at the door.