“Children make your life important.”- Erma Bombeck

I'm a huge fan of Mexico. We went there for winter break and it's a great fit for my family and me for many reasons.

As soon as we returned we were dreamin' and schemin' (I credit my BFF from Brown with that kick a** term. She was a Deliberate Creator way back when in the 80's, man. And still is.) about how we could manifest goin' back -- and soon!

So Philippe worked his travel magic, and as we were all eating cheeseburgers hot off the grill one night he asked the kids and me if we'd rather go for 8 days -- or 9.


"Nine!" I blurted out, and then Phoenix, age 7, said confidently, "Actually Mommy, I think eight."

I was more than mildly confused, but got interrupted by Dakota, age three, before I could inquire further.

Later that night after tubbie and ice cream sundaes and brushing teeth, the kids and I were reading a book and Phoenix said (seemingly out of the blue), "Mommy, the reason I said eight days instead of nine, is so you wouldn't have to teach more."

And my heart grew ten sizes bigger.

Have the best day ever! Namaste! Taylor plus 5