“It's never too late to start over!”― Lynne Gentry

Years ago my friend, a kick a** caterer, made a comment I have always remembered. We were trying to work with someone at Prana who just wasn't working out for many reasons, and my friend was like, "Jesus, just let it/the person go. It's like bad soup. You keep adding stuff in to try to make it delish -- but it keeps getting worse. And then in the end you gotta throw it all away anyway, and you've wasted all those ingredients, time and energy."

Bad soup. Interesting.

Years later, my husband said something similar and also so wise, about a totally different thing. I don't even remember what it was -- some situation -- and he was like, "Let's just let it go. I mean, if you have a paper napkin and it gets dirty, do you try to rinse it out and dry it -- or do you just throw it away and get another new clean paper napkin?"

Today I was on the Acela to NYC to teach and take classes at Prana NYC, and my water bottle was filled with water and a water enhancer called MIO. I LOVE this stuff. Use it all the time.

This particular flavor, however, not so much. (I like to try 'em all).

So I added some more water to the bottle and a different flavor I do like.


More water. More of the flavor I like.


Then I remembered my friend the caterer, the bad soup, and  the dirty paper napkin metaphor, and I dumped my water bottle out and began again-- started fresh with fresh water and a flavor I love.


There's a difference between quiting and deciding you've had enough.

Have the best day ever!
Taylor plus 5