“You just have to do your own thing, no matter what anyone says. It's your life.”

- Ethan Embry

I'm so happy that everyone gets to do their own thang on this planet and derive joy out of what floats their boat.

I'm so grateful that the Universe provides us contrast so we can know what we love and what we don't love, and that we know about the Law of Attraction, so we can consciously choose to focus on what we DO want and ignore the rest.

Last night we went on date night to a "foodie restaurant" in Boston.  We do trade with the restaurant at Prana Power Yoga and so we had some credit to utilize, and it was a fun adventure.

Synchronistically, we had just seen the (awesome--see it!) movie, "Chef" before we arrived for our 5:30 pm seating.

Some three hours later we left and I gotta say, I just ain't a foodie.  My ten year old daughter is (she makes homemade crepes with strawberry filling in the am before leaving for school to bring as "snack" in her lunch box.  Her siblings like Cheetos).  My Mom is.  Some of my friends are.

I just ain't.

The food was great but I'd have been just as happy (read:  happier) if we'd hopped into Whole Foods Legacy Place and had their hot and cold food bar, and then been on our way.

But that's the BEST EVER!  That there are foodies and there are Whole Foods Food Bar people and it's ALL GOOD. There's no judgment.  There's just exploring and sifting through experiences and realizing what you love and gravitating toward that.

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5