“Organize, don't agonize.”― Nancy Pelosi

Simplest and best advice I can give anyone (as always, take what you want and leave the rest):
1.   Be kind.
2.   Say thank you.
3.   Be grateful.
4.   Say thank you.
5.   Look for the positives.
6.   Ignore what ain't great.
7.   Focus on what you want.
8.   Talk about the positives.
9.    Hug a lot.
10.  Smile a lot.
11.  Say thank you.
12.  Say please.
13.  Visualize what you want.
14.  Feel the essence of what you want.
15.  Get outside.
16.  Practice yoga.
17.  Get organized.

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5