“There is always something to be grateful for.”- Rhonda Byrne

I teach all about vibration and law of attraction and learning how to chillax and allow the amazing things in your life to unfold. Because they're there for you if you allow.

I love writing and teaching and my students are 100% successful at utilizing my BEST LIFE EVER principles to create their BEST LIFE EVER. Why?  Because I was very clear about my intention when I wrote my book and inspiration card deck. I told the Universe that I only wanted to attract those open to the information. And if you open to it, it gonna work. And fast.

Are you clear about your intention? What IS your intention?

After eating an amazing meal at Whole Foods (we love their hot bar), I forgot our leftover container on the sink in the bathroom. We were 15 minutes away when I realized this.

Best ever!  An opportunity to focus. To practice focusing on that which I do want.

At first I was like," Ahhhh!  I forgot the leftovers in the bathroom!  Let's go back."

Philippe just looked at me.  He, after all, is on my universal team.

"OK, we don't need to go back. It's fine. I'm grateful that we have an abundance of food at home so we don't need to eat that for dinner tomorrow night."

Yeah, everything is an opportunity to practice your focus.

Have the Best Day Ever! Namaste! Taylor plus 5