“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”

― Maya Angelou

So you hear all this talk about living in the moment. Blah blah blah -- it's the "best ever."

But is it REALLY?

I actually do you live in the moment. I do walk my talk. So when friends and family commented that I "couldn't let Madison (age 17) follow her dream and go to Kent school in Kent Connecticut where she had earned a merit scholarship, because, well, I would just be too sad!"

I was like, "What are you talking about? It is the best fit ever for my girl, she is thrilled, and I am thrilled for her. It's the best ever!"

(I, like every parent, just want the best for my child.)

So low and behold, September 1, 2014 rolls around and this Supermom and her +5 and husband trek three hours to Kent, Connecticut and move my first born into a room that, may I repeat, is three hours from our home.

Still, best ever.

I was so excited! The school is absolutely perfect for Madison. I am so excited and it is such a good fit that I am wishing I had gone to Kent!

Fast forward.

Her room is beautiful with twinkle lights sparkling, we all chowed down an amazing lunch in the adorable Berkshires town, and we are giving her hugs and kisses goodbye.  The three boys, ages four, four, and seven, are somewhat clueless. The 10-year-old sister is sobbing. Madison is sobbing.

I am still all smiles.

"What's wrong with you girls? This is an amazing new beginning! You are so blessed! You are going to thrive!"

Many more hugs and kisses later, I watch as my firstborn walks into the distance and I turn and get into our Prana van.

To say that I felt as though a sledgehammer hit me would be an understatement.

I cried for three straight hours until we pulled up to the white castle.

And continued to cry for three straight days.

Thank God the crying somewhat subsided on day four because I had a big photo shoot for Boston Magazine and my eyes had been beyond swollen and puffy for over 72 hours.

Do I regret living in the moment? Do I wish I had been better prepared for the moment I said goodbye to my child?

In retrospect, nope and no.

In retrospect I realize that for me, and as always, take what you want and leave the rest, being "well prepared" would have meant that I was worried and crying and sad for many months up until that day. But since I was truly living in the moment, I only experienced joy and excitement for my daughter's upcoming amazing adventure. And I'm glad that I gave that gift to her and my other four children.

Do I miss her?

You bet.

Are we closer now than ever?

Actually, yes.

Do we communicate even more now even though we live three hours apart?

To quote Mr. Big from "Sex and the City", "abso-fucking-lutely."

Yeah I'm going to continue living in the moment.

To be honest, I have no choice. I am a Yogi.

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5