Quote of the day:

“Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren't even there before.” ~Mignon McLaughlin~

A neighbor of ours invited us to brunch on Sunday. She moved to Newton from Miami and we had never met. I loved her immediately -- and her husband -- and her kids – and her friends. Good match! (That will seem synchronistic in a moment.)

One of her friends is named Ken. He reminded me of a cross between Jerry Seinfeld and Tim Curry. He has recently launched a really cool dating website. Here's the premise. "Jess, Meet Ken" is an online dating platform for women to recommend guys who may not be right for them, but could be GREAT for someone else. Men can only be on the site if a woman creates and posts a profile for him. Women then connect with each other to be introduced to recommended guys. The company, based on its co-founders' true love story, was launched in beta in February, 2014, by the founders of HurryDate, the speed dating & online dating pioneer acquired by Spark Networks (JDate/ChristianMingle).

The (quite catchy, yes?) name of the site comes from the sites’ founders, Jess and Ken Deckinger. Once upon a time, Ken’s best friend, Adele, created a profile for Ken on a site very much like this one. Jessica had just created a profile for her co-worker, Jared, and spotted Ken’s profile. Boom! She reached out to Adele to hear her hit on Ken. Adele immediately knew Jess was perfect for Ken and forwarded Jess' email to Ken with the subject, “Holy $#!& it’s your wife!”

I love this story.

Who doesn't love a (true) love story?

Well...Adele was right. Jess n Ken got married and now have three beautiful little girls.

The site where Jess and Ken met no longer exists. They told their story for years and always heard the same response: “I wish there was still a site like that!”

So JessmeetKen.com was born.

Check it out. I think it's a brilliant concept.

Have the best day ever!


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