“Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.”
-  Mandy Hale


I will never do THAT again.

This morning I awoke at 3:45 am to go for a run on the Charles at 4 before teaching the 4:45 am at Prana Power Yoga™ Newton.

It was as if the Universe was like, “Taylor! Don’t do it!” But man, I didn’t listen. I was all excited about trying this potential new fun routine out. Besides I was teaching PPY Summer Teacher Training after I taught a double and wanted to get my run in. Love my run.

Here’s how it went down. (Never again): I awoke freaked out by weird dreams. You know when you wake up and are not sure if the dream is really over — and it was really weird? One of those. So I was a bit shaken up.

Then my kitty was playing with and about to kill a mouse in our foyer. I shrieked. Poor little thing.

I scooted out the door and drove to the Charles River — put one leg out of my car (it’s pitch black out) and no joke, something big and furry brushes against my leg! I shrieked (again) as a huge raccoon stared up at me. Then another raccoon scooted by to my total horror.

I slammed my door of my car and drove to a lighted area, got out of my car, and started my run.

As I was running along the pitch black trail on the Charles I began to recall the many scary stories of what happens to women runners along this trail in the early morning . . . .

So I start running on the street, which is basically a small highway. But at least I can see cars vs. scary people who jump out of bushes.

Then some dude pulls into an empty Staples parking lot near me and starts getting out of his car. NO STORES ARE OPEN. I turned around and sprinted back to my car. I am not a sprinter. I like to run at a reasonable pace. I sprinted fast.

Never again!

But glad I did it all. Why? It was scary and maybe a little stupid, but I tried something new and very quickly learned it wasn’t a good fit, by contrast. And so it’s simple: run in the (early) daylight.

Sometimes contrast is thrown at us so we can see what we do want to do. So don’t beat yourself up for having experienced it or put yourself in a precarious position. Live it, learn from it, then chuck it in the bucket, and move on. You are now wiser and clearer. Congratulations!

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5