“Heart-flow means listening to your intuition and hunches and following your heart. How can you let your heart lead today?” 

― Amy Leigh Mercree

My friend is going through a big life transition. I went over to her house to help her sort through some stuff.  I offered to do so – it was my idea. I'm a big fan of clearing the clutter for spiritual, energetic, mental and emotional health, and feng shui reasons.

Best ever!

Over the years I have become a master at doing so. Or so I thought.

My jaw dropped open as we walked from room to room seeing piles and piles and piles and still more piles of stuff. Drawers full. Closets full.  Basement full. Everything full -- of stuff.

As we were assessing the situation, I couldn't help myself but to start grabbing stuff to throw/give away or recycle. Pencils. Thousands of pencils. Pencils upon pencils. With no eraser. Broken off. Still in packages. You name it. I started grabbing them -- but my friend resisted.

In the garage I wanted to grab the infant car seats stacked up on a shelf and leave them by the curb (Her kids are in their teens). "They'll be gone within 10 minutes!" I exclaimed.  "Someone will be thrilled to have them!"

Again, she resisted.

My energy felt heavier and heavier as we walked through the house. Room after room after room.

Soon it became clear to me that action was not on the menu for today.

Reading the energy, I switched gears and said to my friend, "This is an assessment. We are assessing! This is great! We must assess before we clear out."

I was able to shift the energy to more of a positive vibe, momentarily.

I had to leave at 2:30 to pick up my kiddos from school but my friend did not want me to go. It was difficult to leave her and not just camp out and clear out that house for the next year or so.  I'm like that sometimes. I just want to jump into action to help people; even though my spirit knows that it has to come from within them.

My friend had told me that because of my suggestions, she had been setting aside an hour every morning to clear stuff out and give stuff away. She said that it was going okay but it felt like a long time.

I was curious about this. It was interesting to me because whenever I am involved in this type of action the time flies by and the whole world slips away. Hours upon hours can melt away like butter in a pan, unbeknownst to me.  Because I only clean clear and organize when I am inspired to do so. When I am in the flow. And as you know, when you are inspired, time is irrelevant. Inconsequential. Doesn't exist.

As I drove off to pick up my kids from school, it came to me that I can't go into her house and help her clean clear and organize because she must be inspired to do so and do so from a place of flow. And this cannot be scheduled.

It also came to me that, "Who am I to tell her, her husband, her children -- or you for that matter -- how to live your life?  Just because I personally love to clean clear and organize and have no clutter in my white castle, who am I to say that clutter is bad?"

Clutter is not bad. Or good.  Nothing is bad -- or good. It is what it is.

What matters is what it means to you and how it makes you feel.

I am not teaching you to follow what I do. I am teaching you to follow your heart, your spirit.

And this changes by the way, with time, with learning, with pain, with the seasons.  With wisdom.

This is why I say, over and over and over again, ad nauseum, "Take what you want and leave the rest."

Sometimes I forget. I forget even what I teach and know so well. And I jump right into action.  In this case, I did so out of love for a friend and wanting to make it all better for her.

But only she can make it better for her. I can only offer suggestions. I can just plant the seed.

I know my friend is going to be fine. I know she is going to thrive! My job now, as painful as it can be at times, is to step back and let her flourish.

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5