“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”

- Maya Angelou

Gretchen and Sharon this will be posted on the Boston Herald website. Under best Life Ever by Taylor Wells.

On May 27th, our youngest two children, Dakota and Montana, graduated from Parkside preschool. And we closed a chapter of our lives.

All of our 5 children went to Parkside and Sharon and Gretchen, the founders of this epic preschool, are family to us.

Because we are yogis we are not sad about this chapter closing and another beginning. Because of our yoga practice, we are fully present in each moment and operate as the best versions of our authentic selves, so we know in our hearts that we were present for each moment of those precious years, and so we are not sad to move on.

We have tremendous gratitude for Sharon and Gretchen and everyone at Parkside for all they have given our children.


Back in the day -- 15 years ago -- I researched a bazillion preschools and decided to send my first child Madison to Parkside. I sent all of my friends their way and we have all loved and cherished the love and roots the Parkside family has given our children. Best preschool ever! Big shout out to Sharon and Gretchen.  What you do matters.

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5