Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.

- Auguste Rodin

I scoot my three boys -- ages four, four, and seven -- into the tub every night. Sometimes they are resistant to get in but they always love it and don't want to get out. And feel better afterward. Similar to my yoga practice sometimes. Sometimes I don't want to get on my mat and have resistance in the form of -- well whatever flavor (you've heard all the excuses) -- but I always always feel better after I practice. So I make it a daily discipline.

We have an awesome big tub in our "Hello Kitty bathroom," and all three boys can fit in it with ease. I have twinkle lights hanging in that bathroom (and in most every room in our White castle because I love the light and replicate it whenever and wherever possible and ... they make me happy) and so the whole experience is a happy good energy one.

Except for… the drain.

That drain has been busted for sooooo long.  We've had three different handymen try to fix it.

No dice.

Philippe has tried to fix it several times.

No dice.

I tried to fix it.

No dice and no big surprise there because spatial tasks are not my thang.

So it's been a super long time with a drain that is super annoying, super difficult to make work, and did I mention super annoying?

Today we had a plumber come in. He fixed the drain. The end.

Several people tried to fix that drain. People who were not masters at what they were doing. All to no avail and to the tune of more money that it would have cost to just hire the plumber already.

Which we eventually did.

Ahhhh the wisdom wisdom that comes with time and experience.

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5