Quote of the day:

“I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind.” Leo Buscaglia

We have a kitty named India. See photo above. We adopted her when she was five. She's pure love and a dog cat. Follows us everywhere. Waits for us by the door when we are out. All love and no attitude.

Kitty is a dainty eater. A grazer. Nibbles a little now and then.


She goes nutso before Philippe feeds her every night. Runs around meowing and rubbing on his leg.

People, her bowl is half full of food.

So why is she so excited?

It's the IDEA of the food. And the newness.

Ya, kitty and my kids are my biggest teachers.

What can you get excited about today?

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5