“When you are in harmony with yourself everything unfolds with grace and ease.”Panache Desai

Sometimes we ask for something and then when it comes, we resist it.

I know this sounds counterintuitive and you may deny it, but we all do it. Even in simple mundane situations.

Here's one example.

I have housecleaners come once a week. I am so grateful for them and I love them. I'm so happy when they leave and the house is sparkling – for about a minute.  (I have five kids, ages three, three, six, nine, and sixteen).

So the above is well-established. Supermom loves her housecleaners, loves her home being sparkling clean; however, when they show up, I feel slightly annoyed.  It's not obvious and in fact, you wouldn't notice this irritation deep within me, but I gotta admit-- because it just happened to me again – I feel sort of annoyed.

Now what, I ask you, is that?

Let me also just add that Philippe is out right annoyed--as is his his father when his mother has the house cleaners come. They both retreat like wounded animals to their offices and don't say nary a word.  I have heard them both on several occasions suggest that we don't have housecleaners, to which his mom and I laugh and ask them if they are going to be cleaning the toilets and showers and stripping the beds today?

But I digress.

I'm talking about my own vibration around the situation--not Philippe and his father's (and I think this is a guy thing, by the way, because all my friends' husbands feel the same way.) Although mundane (as I noted above), it's important to clean up all energy regarding what you ask for in order for the Universe to deliver it to you speedily.

So today I did. I cleaned up my energy around this. I was aware and honest about it, and simply noted my slight irritation when I let the cleaners in the door, and shifted it to surrender & gratitude.

Boom. Done.

Now all the other stuff my spirit is asking for will be let in. With speed and ease.  It's all about awareness – and vibration.

What energy can you clean up today?

Have the BEST DAY EVER! Namaste! Taylor plus 5