“Every intention sets energy into motion. Whether you are conscious of it or not.”

- Gary Zukav

One of my readers who is a master at manifesting (and lives in Germany) sent me this and I think it is quite inspiring and I hope you can learn from it:

"Sometimes I play games for manifesting stuff and see how it shows up.  I just think of the most random thing and expect it.  Like for example last night I thought about stress balls.  And they came up in conversation today.  And the other day I thought of us pennies (not euros) and some fell out of my jewelry box.  Those little things remind me of how real it is."

Yeah, It's real, people. When are you going to start utilizing it to create your BEST LIFE EVER? Get my book and inspiration card deck to see how to do so quickly, easily, and joyfully.


Taylor plus 5